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Multiple Modalities

JoyRae works in multiple dimensions as a Spiritual Warrior, Master Healer, Writer, Radio Producer, Retreat & Workshop Facilitator, Business Consultant, Matchmaker, Ordained Minister and Healer. Healing modalities and certifications include:

  • Divine Light – Electromagnetic Energy, a natural energy gift received direct from Source -
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • QiGong Master & Instructor
  • Laser Reiki Master VII
  • Reiki Master/Instructor
  • Advanced Quantum Touch
  • Herbologist

Intra-dimensional Techniques provide a variety of approaches for clients with diverse backgrounds, issues and readiness for change.




JoyRae uses "Divine Light" which is a natural healing gift delivered direct from Source in 1996. During the healing treatments, the "light" - electromagnetic healing energy is transferred to the client through the entire body of JoyRae, although for purposes of focusing, the hands are a
primary delivery point. It is not her energy; however, she has become a clear channel of light energy through a series of life transitions and practices including QiGong, daily spiritual, mind, heart, body integration. 



Personal guidance, clarification - through angelic messages or psychic readings are done by connecting the clients' and JoyRae's higher selves to bring the most appropriate and beneficial information for that issue. The session can include many techniques including use of special cards and other tools - to address the concerns of the client. In some cases, the client also receives a healing treatment during the session.


Spiritual Counseling includes some traditional counseling model sessions, using a wide range of exercises and explorations for unfolding the client's core issues and then developing the most appropriate set of solutions - includes a full range of life issues: relationships, self esteem, weight management, health, work/career and more. In most cases, it is combined with other modalities, based on the client's needs.

Laser Reiki & CEH (Cosmic Energetic Healing) are unique and VERY progressive healing techniques developed by Roi Halse and Taylore Vance; using advanced energy technologies for accessing the root cause of dis-ease, then clearing the negative patterns. In witnessing many healings & clearings during the training and certification process - JoyRae was reaffirmed in the diversity and magic of the healing process: for self,   fellow students - and then for her clients



NeuroLinguistic Psychology - is a unique model of how people learn, motivate themselves and change their behavior to achieve excellence in any endeavor. The term NeuroLinguistic Programming was introduced by Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski, the same man who quoted "God may forgive you for your sins, but your nervous system won't." NLP is an integration of several disciplines including neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics and systems theory. The components of the term Neurolinguistic Programming describe best what this little know science encompasses. NEURO because all of our experiences, both conscious and subconscious, are derived through and from our senses and central nervous system; LINQUISTIC because our mental processes are also coded, organized, given meaning and transformed through language; PROGRAMMING because people interact as a system in which experience and communication are composed of patterns or "programs".
Hypnotherapy is a practice involving a practitioner using induction, or trance, to access the subconscious level of a client's awareness. A goal of hypnotherapy is to help the client see the similarities and differences between what was and what is. This allows them to discover the patterns that exist, helps them see how their current problems stem from the past and allows them to break the patterns that have been creating dysfunction in their lives.
Quantum Touch involves using color patterns, meditation, breathing to powerfully focus and amplify the life-force energy. Quantum-Touch has no attunements or symbols. Quantum-Touch is a natural and innate skill that can be learned with simple breathing and body awareness techniques. Reiki and other modalities are enhanced by Quantum-Touch. Practitioners of Quantum-Touch don't become drained or tired from doing sessions. This is a function of the practitioner entraining or matching to the client's vibration.

In principal, the Quantum-Touch practitioner learns to focus and amplify life-force energy, which is most often referred to as “Chi” or “Prana”. This is accomplished by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. When the practitioner holds a high vibrational field of life-force energy around an affected area, through a process of resonance and entrainment, the client naturally matches the vibration of the practitioner, allowing one’s own biological intelligence to do whatever healing it deems necessary.

We Are Made Of The Earth  - As part of an integrated treatment plan, we can formulate a customized herbal blend for natural support Of YOUR wellness.
Many Nurturing Herbs, Products And Healthy Foods Can Be A Part of Claiming YOUR Wellness. Beginning at the cellular level, nature helps your body regenerate on a higher level. Healthy personal care items ensure true lasting beauty. Herbal remedies can help reverse/improve a full range of health issues: obesity, problem skin, depression, fatigue, mental confusion, and even serious diseases such as cancer - depending on the stage.

QiGong is a self-healing art that combines movement and meditation. Visualizations are often employed to enhance the mind/body connection and assist healing. Regular practice of Qigong can: prevent and treat illness, reduce stress, establish balance, integrate mind/body/spirit, bring peace and vitality. Qigong is the phonetic transcriptions (Qi and Gong) of two Chinese characters as shown in the title. Qi means literally air, which represents a kind of energy flowing according to certain routes in your body. Gong means the great effort or work put into the Qi practice.  SEE Reikigong workshop


Communications Coaching involves specific session exercises and may include client practice assignments for assisting the client in becoming more comfortable and more stable in handling interactions with others more assertively with more productive results; and, in the process, become more balanced individually.

Whether it's an intimate mate partnership, a biological family group, friends, workplace or community relationship issue - the challenges most people encounter can create stress, escalate to serious illness and disease - and at the very least, rob us of the joy and bliss we so much deserve in our lives.

Relationship healing can utilize all modalities depending on the issues and involves all types of relationships, including romantic partner relationship issues, which are one of JoyRae's specialties.  See Conscious Mate

Creative Expression is a guided process in which the client begins to clear blockages through expressing themselves in new or remembered ways. The treatment plan is customized for the individual needs using all forms of expression - art, writing, theatre, crafts and projects..



Free Spirit Dance is a movement therapy that taps into the client's unresolved issues of self esteem, emotional & inhibition blockages. During a series of guided & wide variety of movement & rhythm combinations, a new aspect of self emerges, liberated and filled with joy. Used for both individual and group activities.