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"Joy to The World" Radio Program

International Award Winning Radio Program

A unique program format - designed to inspire and transform. 


Communicator Awards
An International Competition
Honoring Excellence in Communications


In a competition of 2500 entries -

"Joy To The World" placed in the top 25


It's a potpourri of music, INSPIRATION, "FOLKSY FILOSOPHY", POETRY, HUMOR, STORY TELLING and introductions to people who are making a difference.  It's lively, but not rowdy - it's sometimes serious, but not stuffy - it's a little funny, but not comical - and most of all - it's a passionate, sincere sharing from my heart to yours.

Lend me your ear and I'll give you my dreams. You'll hear words & music with themes that: speak truth to power, describe miracles, share alternative realties, encourage wholeness & health, include spiritual activism, are heart warming/enlightening/empowering & thought provoking, humorous and filled with vision and the hope of how we can create a brilliant future . . . TOGETHER.

Every morning, when we wake up and begin to experience the gift of a brand new day - we put on glasses with various colored lenses - perhaps Joy to the World will help you to see your days with a more hopeful, brighter and more beautiful view.

Maybe the humor will help you to smile a little more - and your smile may then brighten someone else's experience - bringing joy to their world.

When you hear about some of the good news, it could even inspire you to create some of your own. Or maybe a song or story will help you to feel compassion, gratitude and tenderness again.

We have the unique opportunity to create the world the way we really want it - full of beauty, abundance, peace, harmony and joy. This show is dedicated with love and light toward that potential. What do you have to lose - nothing but a little frown here and there, some stress or sadness, I'll bet.

Watch for syndicated "Joy to The World" on alternative radio stations and soon to be independently webcast schedule.   

CDs of programs are available - they make wonderful gifts and great listening while driving!.



Listen to Samples

JOY To The World Radio 


 MP3 - One Hour Programs

2001 - Award Of Distinction - Out Of Tragedy

2002 - Honorable Mention Award - Dawn Of The Century

2001 - This Too Shall Pass

2002 - Spirit & Stardust

2003 - Have You Noticed?

2003 - Crossroads

2003 - Look Behind The Veil

2003 - Now More Than Ever


Spiritual Warrior Series

Interviews with Singers & Songwriters who are making a difference.

Jim Page Part I

Jim Page Part II

Beverly Graham

Michael Stern



JoyRae As Guest

JoyRae has been a guest on various radio programs

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