Freedom Through Love & Harmony

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Go Where Your Joy Is

The highest vibration is joy. Stay in joy. Clarity will come from joy.  All that you need will be attracted to you because of the vibration of joy. 

Rev Dr. Mitzy Linton


Joy To The World - Jeremiah Style

Wishing you a joyful day - EVERY DAY!

JOY Is Our Highest Vibration!

Did you know that JOY is at the top of the emotional scale?  It's true - Love, Joy are the best vibration for our human experience.  When we are filled with JOY - our frequencies and vibration level are raised up.  This has a positive effect on our mind, body and spirit:  our cells, our body tissues, circulation, cardiovascular,  pulmonary, muscular, skeletal and all other physical components are operating better!

Cup Of Joy